Navarro Correas


    Ponce Buenos Aires



Carrousel de Polo.

The Palermo Open is the most important Polo tournament in the world, a place where the best brands want to be year after year.

That is why our client Navarro Correas entrusted us with the mission of carrying out a playful experience that would highlight its brand among many other sponsors. To achieve this, we advise ourselves with the best riders, horse keepers and artisans to give life to the first Polo Carrousel. We announce its launch with a series of films on TV and digital media.

A noble installation that allowed us to see 58,000 riders pass, uncorked more than 9,000 liters of sparkling wine and more than 1’030.000 people reached on social networks in 2’023.014 laps, making Navarro Correas the main sponsor of Argentine Polo.


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