Daniel 'Crudo' Octavo

Creative., Art Director., Photographer., Retoucher

Hi, I’m Crudo

Yes, I’m latino. I’m also loud, disorganized and politically incorrect.
You might be thinking: What ́s wrong with this guy? And you are probably right, something is wrong with me.
I don’t know if its because I just got back from Buenos Aires and I can’t find yerba mate or chocotorta.
or Maybe, just maybe, I’m loud because I’m pretty damn sure of what I say, if not, I say nothing.
Of course I’m disorganized, It is the only way I know to think outside the box.
And yes, I’m politically incorrect. Because I can’t be right all the time.
I can also be left or moderate, it depends on how radical your poor argument is.

Why should you hire a colombian, that just got back running away from La Ciudad de la Furia?
Well, you just should.
Aren’t you curious about what argento-colombiano stuff I could throw at the office?
Imagine the dancing arepeadas with dulce de leche until dawn that you could be part of (arepas are like a mexican tortilla, just better, trust me!)
I ́ll invite you for sure, but only if you hire me…think about It.


Crudo or Raw.

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